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Alfred Archie White

Service or Civilian:

Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

Rank or Occupation:


Birth Details:

Blackwall, London, 1893


Overdene, Pall Mall, Leigh-on-Sea

Known Relatives:

Father, William Frederick White and Mother, Sarah Louise White, Brother, Arthur White and Sister, Elsie White.

Death Details:

Death from Illness, 5th Feb 1919

Burial Location:

Leigh Cemetery

Southend Connection:

The family home was at 'Overdene', Pall Mall, Leigh-on-Sea

Story Summary:

Alfred White was born in Blackwall, London in 1893 and his father, William White was 'Timber Converter' and married Alfred's mother, Sarah in 1890. Alfred was one of 3 children and after leaving school is listed in the 1911 census at an Engineer (Marine).

Alfred was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) services in Motor Launches, which were small fast ships designed to protect harbours and hunt submarines. The D.S.C. was awarded to naval officers below the rank of Lieutenant Commander for gallantry at sea in the presence of the enemy.

Alfred died from an unspecified illness on the 5th February 1919. He was 26 years old.

Additional Details:



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