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Harry Thomas Daniel

Service or Civilian:

Royal Flying Corps

Rank or Occupation:

Flight Cadet

Birth Details:

12th May 1900 in Leigh-on-Sea


2 Alexandra Road, Leigh-on-Sea

Known Relatives:

George Daniel, Father
Eliza Daniel, Mother
Alice, Flora, Edith, Eliza and Ruby, Sisters
George and Frederick, Brothers


Death Details:

17th August 1918, killed as a result of an aeroplane accident.

Burial Location:

Leigh Cemetery, Leigh-on-Sea

Southend Connection:

Family lived at 2 Alexandra Road, Leigh-on-Sea

Story Summary:

Harry Daniel was born on the 12th May 1900 in Middlesex to parents George and Eliza Daniel. They had a large family with 5 daughters and 3 sons.

Before the war Harry (Henry on some documents) worked as a clerk for the Gresham Life Assurance Society, based at St Midlands House, Poultry, London.

Just before reaching his 18th birthday Harry joined the army - initially with the Essex Regiment before transfering to the Royal Flying Corps for training as a Flight Cadet. Harry trained first at Oxford and then at Reading and was part of the RFC when it was converted into the RAF in July 1918.

Unfortunately he was involved in a training accident and died on the 17th August 1918, "Killed as a result of an aeroplane accident" although his record shows that the accident may have been on the 17th August and that he died later on the 24th August 1918 as a result.

Harry is buried at the Leigh Cemetery, Leigh-on-Sea.

Additional Details:



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