Making Poppies with SSFR

The poppies made by the Southend Schools Festival of Remembrance are intended to resemble the Corn Poppy that is found all over Northern Europe and that were common on the battlefields of the Great War.

With 2 upper and 2 lower petals SSFR poppies are easy to make for all ages and artistic abilities. SSFR poppies
are made from air drying clay and painted the appropriate colour with acrylic paint before being finished with a waterproof coating. We tested many approaches to making poppies with children and adults and agreed that this was the best way to be accessible, easy to make and resilient enough to last for 4 days on a seafront in November.

If you would like to make poppies with the SSFR project, please contact us before the 30th September 2017 and we will arrange to come and see you with a poppy making kit.

Or you could use the film and PDF instructions below to make your own.

Happy poppy making!

How to make a poppy
Please note that all poppies must be delivered by the 21st October 2017 to be included in the SSFR Poppy Exhibition at the Rose Garden in November.