Poppy Planning

Our summer holidays are at an end and we have an exciting few months in store as we prepare to work with schools in the Southend Borough to make thousands of poppies for our exhibition in the run up to Remembrance Day 2017. We are currently working with about 19 schools, both primary and secondary, with children as young as 4 years old and volunteers as old as 94, to make the SSFR exhibition something really special. Our latest Steering Group meeting at Leigh Community Centre was very well attended and thanks to everyone who come and is taking part and guiding the project. Our Project Manager reported that as well as the 19 schools now taking part we have also had interest from Beaver groups and other community organisations in joining the project. We have also scheduled some Poppy Making Days at the Leigh Community Centre that will allow us to have a backup set of poppies in case any fall foul the weather in November. I’ve found it a very relaxing activity and really enjoy getting together with other project members to make poppies. The SSFR team will be working with our first ambassador school in September. Bournemouth Park Primary School has asked us to work with their Year 4 students to explore the topic of Remembrance and Sound – which is a great way to look at the subject and link it into their curriculum – 20 years of working in Radio might make me a bit biased though. 😊 So it’s all go at SSFR and a very interesting time to come!

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