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Charles Percy Culliford

Service or Civilian:

12th Btln (Rangers) London Regiment

Rank or Occupation:


Birth Details:

Finsbury Park, 1889


Dundonald Villan, Dundonald Drive, Leigh-on-Sea

Known Relatives:

George Fry Culliford, Father
Eliza Louisa Culliford, Mother
Edgar Bayley Culliford, Bother
Olive, Catherine and Elizabeth, younger siblings

Death Details:

Died on 16th August 1915

Burial Location:

Leigh Cemetery, Leigh-on-Sea

Southend Connection:

Family lived in Dundonald Drive, Leigh-on-Sea

Story Summary:

Charles Culliford was born in Finsbury Park, Islington in 1889 to George and Eliza Culliford. Charles, his father and 3 brothers were all Plasterers before the Great War when Charles joined the 12th Btln of the London Regiment as a Rifleman. Charles’s unit fought in the 2nd Battle of Ypres and Charles died on the 16th of August 1915 and the listed cause of death is: Died. Charles is buried at Leigh Cemetery.

Additional Details:



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